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Offer your time

China Labour Bulletin welcomes volunteers and interns who wish to make a contribution to, and learn more about, labour rights in China. Ideally, interns should have a good understanding of legal, social and economic issues in China, previous experience of working in mainland China and a high level of spoken and written Chinese. However, we are happy to consider applications from those who have little China experience but who can offer specific skills and expert knowledge that would enhance CLB’s work, particularly in the fields of collective bargaining, labour organizing, documentary film and media advocacy.

If you would like to volunteer or intern for CLB please send an email to intern@clb.org.hk stating when you would be available and the kind of work you are interested in doing. Please attach a copy of your curriculum vitae with your application. We will reply personally to all inquiries and attempt to find a role for you that benefits both you and CLB.

To learn more about internships at CLB, and read testimonials from former interns, please visit our volunteer and intern page.

Make a financial donation

CLB is a non-governmental organization that depends entirely on financial donations for its core operations in Hong Kong and for the labour rights projects we undertake with our partners in mainland China. While most of our funding comes from private foundations and international trade unions and labour organizations, we always appreciate donations, however small, from anyone who wants to help. If you want your donation to go to a specific cause or an individual worker whose story has touched you, please do let us know. However, please note that given the technical difficulties and political sensitivities of transmitting money to China, it may not always be possible to get the money to that individual. If this is the case, we will use the money for related CLB projects in China.

Share your thoughts and expertise

A major aim of CLB is to help Chinese workers benefit from the experience and expertise of those in the international labour movement. To this end, we encourage trade unionists, labour activists, lawyers and academics to share with us their knowledge and experiences in labour organizing, collective bargaining and labour dispute resolution. We can often adapt that material for our partners in China so that they can then educate and train workers in China and thereby develop and strengthen the movement those workers initiated.

Of course, you don’t have to be a labour expert to help. Maybe you volunteered at migrant workers’ school or taught workers in evening classes, perhaps you know a worker whose story needs to be told, or know of specific labour rights abuses that CLB might be able to help with. If so, we want to hear from you.

Also, if you have any photographs or video of Chinese workers, factories, coal mines etc. that you are willing to share, please send a copy to CLB. Any images published will of course be attributed to the copyright holder.

Please get in contact by sending an email to clbeditor@clb.org.hk, calling us on 852 2780 2187 or sending a fax to 852 2359 4324. You can also find us via Facebook and Twitter and the main microblogs in China, Sina and Tencent.

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