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Working Hours

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Al Jazeera: US responsible in Chinese labor rights violations, advocates say

Workers' rights advocates waiting for a response on US-owned factories they say violate Chinese labor law
09 September 2013

The fast emerging labour movement in China and its impact on the country's future

Han Dongfang talks about the fast emerging labour movement in China and stresses that China’s workers should no longer be seen as mere victims. Image by photograffiti available
06 September 2013

Han Dongfang discusses the fast emerging labour movement in China

On 3 September 2013, China Labour Bulletin Director Han Dongfang gave a talk at the British Sociological Association's Work, Employment and Society Conference.The talk focused on the fast emerging labour movement in China and its impact on the country's future.
06 September 2013

Euronews: Interns Rising

What better way to spend the summer than doing an internship? Sure, you are not paid, you work 50 hours per week and you have to pick up your boss’s dry cleaning, but at least you are getting some work experience and getting a foot in the door.
19 July 2013

China’s job market begins to contract as economic growth slows

As China’s economic growth continues to slow, the number of jobs on offer is also beginning to decline. Although China’s labour market is still slightly undersupplied, with 107 jobs for every 100 job seekers, the demand for labour in the second quarter of this year declined by 2.8 percent or167,000 jobs.
18 July 2013

Pneumoconiosis activist Zhang Haichao gets life-saving double-lung transplant

Zhang Haichao talks to the Southern Metropolis Daily about his lung transplant operation and his controversial decision to reveal a secret deal with the local government in Henan in which he actually got double the 615,000 yuan compensation that was publicly announced at the time. Photograph by CLB.
15 July 2013

Workers with pneumoconiosis determined to sue local government despite signing away their rights

Four years ago, a group of stone workers suffering from the deadly lung disease pneumoconiosis petitioned their local government for assistance. Their employer, Guo'an Silica Co. had closed down, leaving them with no insurance and no money to pay their mounting medical bills.
10 July 2013

Chinese bus drivers in Singapore tossed aside after strike

Han Dongfang talks to one of the Chinese bus drivers deported from Singapore after staging a high-profile strike in the city state last November.
03 July 2013

Taken for a ride: Guangdong bus drivers stage strike as union sides with boss

Han Dongfang talks to striking bus drivers in Guangdong about their wide-ranging dispute with management and the failure of the trade union to act.
26 June 2013

Business Week: China's Manufacturers Seek Ways to Cut Costs

In the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai, two hours by ferry and car from Hong Kong, there’s something new on the rooftop of the large factory complex owned by outsourcing specialist Flextronics International (FLEX): solar panels.
22 June 2013
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