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Working Hours

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Chinese media uncovers another case of child labour trafficking in Shenzhen

A Hong Kong-owned electronics company in Shenzhen employed more than 70 underage workers, forcing them to work 12 hours every day for a fixed monthly salary of just 2,000 yuan, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported on 27 December. Photo by CLB.
30 December 2013

Children among the dead in Shenzhen market fire

At least 16 people, including three young children, were killed in a fire at an agricultural wholesale market in Shenzhen in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A family of six, who were sleeping at the market, reportedly lost their lives in the tragedy.
12 December 2013

The making of a labour activist

During his 18 years working in the moulding industry in Guangdong, Guan Dongwei never really thought of himself as labour activist. “I used to care little about things other than my income and the welfare of my family,” he said.
14 November 2013

DanWatch: Millions in Danish tax money can end up supporting harsh exploitation of Chinese workers

The purchasing consortium of the Danish state and municipalities, National Procurement Ltd. Denmark (SKI), administering millions in tax money, has a range of ethical demands in their contracts. But it is not always they are respected.
13 November 2013

SCMP: Trade unions failing in Shenzhen factories

Trade unions are invisible and ineffective in four factories in Shenzhen that have previously been recognised by the government as leaders in protecting their workers’ rights, according to undercover investigations conducted by a group of local university students.
30 October 2013

Undercover students expose sorry state of factory trade unions in Shenzhen

In summer 2013, a group of students from nine universities went undercover to assess the state of enterprise trade union reform in Shenzhen. They investigated five factories and found the trade unions to be of little or no use in protecting workers rights.
29 October 2013

Sixty three days later: The “zombie” interns of Foxconn

Xiao Chen is a second-year computer science major at China’s North-western Polytechnic University in Xi’an. His internship this year, like that of many of his fellow students at North-western, was halfway across the country in the coastal city of Yantai working on the production line for Foxconn. Photograph of Foxconn in Shenzhen by CLB.
22 October 2013

Coal miner seeks justice after being tricked into signing away his rights

Han Dongfang talks to a coal miner who was ordered to work in a dusty underground mine even after tests had revealed the deadly lung disease pneumoconiosis.
26 September 2013

Wall Street Journal: Foxconn Says 11 Injured in Large-Scale Fight at Chinese Campus

Foxconn Technology said a large fight that broke out last week at one of its campuses injured 11 people, the latest in a series of confrontations among the company's workers that follows a summer of heightened unrest at Chinese factories.
24 September 2013

China’s workers turn up the heat in summer of protest

China’s long hot summer saw workers across the country stage strikes and protests against low pay, wage arrears and poor working conditions. In the three months from June to August 2013, CLB recorded a total of 183 incidents on our Strike Map, more than double the 89 incidents recorded from June to August in 2012. Photo: Women workers on strike in Dongguan from Weibo.
11 September 2013
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