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Working Hours

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Calling the union to account: One woman’s decade of labour activism

Han Dongfang talks to Xu Ziqi, a worker activist who is single-handedly doing the job of the union in monitoring her employer’s legal compliance and safeguarding employee rights.
07 May 2014

Strikes by China’s transport workers increase as incomes decline

Strikes and protests by transport workers in China, primarily taxi and bus drivers, are on the rise as incomes fall and pressure from management increases. In the first four months of this year, CLB recorded 69 transport strikes on our Strike Map, a 28 percent increase compared with the same period in 2013.
05 May 2014

Nineteen-year-old activist plays key role in Shenzhen bus strike

Wedged between a smelly dump site and a busy port where ships sound their horns 24 hours a day is the workers’ dormitory of the Shenzhen East bus company. This has been home to 19-year-old Natalie (pseudonym) since she moved here from her hometown in Henan a year and a half ago.
28 April 2014

Coal mine accidents in China decrease as production stagnates

Accident and death rates in China’s coal mines are coming down but this does not necessarily mean the mines are any safer. Coal prices are at a six year low and production is being cut back. What happens when prices rise again? Photograph by Peter Parks/AFP.
03 April 2014

Workers at Samsung supplier in China win pay increase after strike

A strike by more than a thousand workers at Samsung supplier, Shanmukang Technology in Dongguan, ended over the weekend when the Korean-owned company agreed to increase overtime rates for weekdays and weekends and double the employees’ monthly subsidy. The basic monthly salary however remained the same.  
31 March 2014

Fifteen minutes of fame. Three years of waiting

Former Gansu gold mine worker wins legal battle for occupational disease compensation but comes away disillusioned with the system.
15 March 2014

China’s construction workers left behind

Six years after the implementation of the Labour Contract Law, the vast majority of China’s 40 million construction workers still do not have a contract with their employer. Photograph by escalepade available
09 March 2014

Strike at IBM factory in Shenzhen enters its third day

More than 1,000 workers at the IBM ISTC factory in Shenzhen have been out on strike since 3 March 2014 in protest at the company’s unilateral lump sum severance package prior to the business being taken over by Chinese technology company Lenovo.
06 March 2014

Japanese Supreme Court decision puts trainee workers back in the spotlight

The Supreme Court of Japan has ordered a retrial to determine the compensation to be paid to the family of Luo Cheng, a Chinese “trainee” worker who was killed by a Japanese policeman more than seven years ago.
20 January 2014

CNN: Factory life far from home leaves China's migrant workers vulnerable

In a brightly-lit Shenzhen restaurant, 21-year-old Zheng Liqiang, a migrant worker from the inland province of Sichuan, describes his life in this southern Chinese city as "bu kai xin" -- glum.  
02 January 2014
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