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Working Hours

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Unity is strength: The story of the Guangzhou University Town sanitation workers’ strike

A two-week strike by sanitation workers in Guangzhou last month showed what can be achieved through worker solidarity, a clearly defined strategy, and a determination to bring the boss to the negotiating table.
16 October 2014

Quartz: The company that made your iPhone is reluctantly bringing democracy to Chinese labor

In late June, a 25-year-old assembly line worker at Foxconn Technology Group’s largest factory, in Shenzhen, noticed a post on the Weixin account of the Foxconn Trade Union promoting upcoming elections for union representatives.
23 September 2014

CNN: Protests, suicide: China's labor unrest leads to reform

Han Yan Yuen is a documentary filmmaker and journalist. She founded Half the Sky Public Education, an NGO that empowers female migrant workers in China.
06 September 2014

The daily grind of a junior civil servant in Beijing – no money, no respect

China Youth Daily talks to a young civil servant in Beijing who is anxious to dispel some of the lingering myths about civil servants’ income in China. Photo of young graduates in Beijing's outer suburbs.
04 September 2014

Up to 10,000 truck drivers stage strike at Ningbo container port

A massive strike by as many as 10,000 truck drivers at Ningbo’s Beilun Container Port erupted into violence yesterday as protestors clashed with riot police and smashed the windshields of trucks crossing the picket line.
21 August 2014

The tragedy of the village that built Kunshan Zhongrong

China Youth Daily travels to a small village in the heartland of China that was intimately connected with Kunshan factory where 146 workers died in an explosion in August. Photo. Remko Tanis.
20 August 2014

SCMP: What is Beijing up to? Summer of increased harassment, surveillance leaves Chinese NGOs on edge

Weekly visits and random questioning by local police officers are not unusual for the Shenzhen Chunfeng Labour Disputes Centre in Guangdong province. This summer, though, has been different, says Zhang Zhiru, the centre’s director.
19 August 2014

The Nation: How the Deaths of 75 Workers at a Chinese Factory Could Have Been ‘Easily Prevented’

After the swirl of poison dust settled, the factory grounds resembled a battlefield, strewn with charred bodies and rubble. The explosion, which left about seventy-five workers dead and 185 injured, wasn’t the scene of an attack, really—just another one of the countless industrial accidents that befall China’s factories each year.
07 August 2014

SCMP: Young Chinese professionals leaving the rat race for better quality of life

A growing number of young urban professionals in Shenzhen are giving up the rat race and choosing quality of life ahead of more materially rewarding career paths
05 August 2014

Kunshan tragedy reveals long-term as well as immediate dangers of working in a dust-filled factory

The massive explosion that killed 75 workers and injured 180 others at an automotive components factory in Kunshan on Saturday highlighted once again the extreme dangers of working in a high-dust environment and the persistent failure of employers in China to adequately protect their employees.
05 August 2014
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