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Working Hours

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Reuters: Miners' hospice in China faces struggle to survive

Yangjia Hospital in remote Wuyi County in eastern China has become a home-from-home for Hu Hushen, 78, a former miner suffering from "miner's lung", as the disease pneumoconiosis is often called, since 1976.
29 October 2015

Independent: Why you shouldn’t believe everything you’ve read about China this week

Ben Chu debunks the myths and stereotypes about China and its relations with Britain
26 October 2015

Sacked labour activist continues to push for workers’ trade unions

Zhu Xiaomei has used her own struggle and experience in standing up to her employer to help drive China’s workers’ movement forward and emerge as one of most dynamic labour activists in the Pearl River Delta today.
21 September 2015

Pressure builds on Walmart in Shenzhen as trade union activists fight back

Sacked Walmart workers in Shenzhen are joining forces to put pressure on the world’s largest retailer to curtail its harassment of labour activists and genuine trade unionists.
09 September 2015

Shaanxi tragedy highlights landslide dangers faced by China’s miners

More than a week after the massive landslide that inundated a small mining community in rural Shaanxi in the early hours of 12 August, there is little chance that the 56 people still listed as missing are alive. Nine bodies have so far been recovered. Photo: Sina News.
21 August 2015

Worker’s legal action highlights the years of injustice endured by Changsha’s street cleaners

An elderly sanitation worker in Changsha is taking his former employer to court in a bid to redress decades of labour rights violations.
24 June 2015

Family demand justice for sanitation worker who died on the streets of Shenzhen

The sudden death of 54-year-old sanitation worker, Deng Deming, who collapsed while sweeping the streets of suburban Shenzhen in the early morning of 15 May, has galvanized his family and local labour activists to demand not only justice for Deng but for far more transparency in the local government’s secretive dealings with cleaning services companies.
17 June 2015

LaborNotes: Chinese Bike Light Strikers Occupy Factory, Face Firings and Arrests

Workers who make bike lights at a factory in Shenzhen, China, have been on strike since April 30, demanding that the company pay up what it legally owes them.
20 May 2015

Bloomberg: China's Angry Cabbies Beat Back Uber

The ride-sharing app Uber has encountered more than its share of regulatory crackdowns during its international expansion. South Korean authorities have declared their intention to arrest the company’s CEO; French police recently raided its Paris offices; and local officials in Delhi are asking the Indian government to block the app outright. But when police in the Chinese city of Guangzhou raided the local offices of the company last Thursday, it added a new wrinkle to a familiar pattern.
07 May 2015

New York Times: Chinese Cab Drivers Take to Song to Call for Their Own Company

To protest their working conditions, a group of about 30 taxi drivers from northeastern China drank pesticide on a central Beijing shopping street on April 4. The men survived after being sent to local hospitals, the police said. In the town of Xiangtan in Hunan Province, another group of cabdrivers took up a less hazardous means of protest after the government sought to reorganize the local taxi licensing system: They recorded a song.
15 April 2015
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