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Food delivery drivers forced to work in extreme weather shows absence of regulation

The dreadful working conditions of Chinese food delivery drivers returned to the spotlight in August, as many workers reported that they were forced to take orders during a tropical storm, when demand for food delivery surged.
06 September 2019

Sanitation worker protests escalate in China over the summer

The summer months can be particularly difficult for sanitation workers in China. They have to work long hours with little rest in excessive heat for minimal pay, and are often owed wages in arrears and denied basic benefits such as the high temperature allowance. There have been at least eight strikes and protests by sanitation workers in cities across China since 1 May this year, accounting for ten percent of all service sector incidents recorded on CLB’s Strike Map.
13 August 2019

China’s workers’ movement will continue despite crackdown on labour activists

China will mark May Day this year with around 50 labour activists in some form of detention. CLB reiterates its call for the release of all activists and an end to the crackdown.
30 April 2019

Food delivery drivers call for strike highlights stagnating conditions in new economy

Express delivery drivers have tried moving to food delivery for better conditions, but poor conditions remain and strikes continue
24 March 2017

Doctors, nurses strike in Shandong after murder of paediatrician

Medical workers take to collective action as attacks on China's doctors and nurses continue to rise
12 October 2016

China’s Walmart workers take the boss to court

In the first of several planned legal challenges to Walmart’s new comprehensive working hours system, veteran employee Zhou Xianzhong took the American retail giant to arbitration court in Shenzhen on 22 August.  
24 August 2016

China’s Walmart workers strengthen organising after strikes

After staging strikes at least three stores earlier this month in protest against the company’s imposition a comprehensive working hours system, Walmart workers in China have strengthened their organizing ability by forming a new preparatory committee to better coordinate a national response to Walmart management.
27 July 2016
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