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The intern trap – graduate job seekers cheated and exploited by employers

A university degree is supposed to provide students from poor rural families with a good job, high status and, crucially, a residency in the big city that would allow them to start their own family. However, the reality for today’s graduates is very different.
26 January 2010

Rural migrant children at risk in city schools

Two recent incidents have highlighted, once again, the dangers faced by migrant children in urban schools. On 17 January, a toddler died in a fire at an unlicensed kindergarten in Beijing, and yesterday Xinhua reported that the headmaster of a private school for the children of migrant workers in Nanning, Guangxi, had been arrested for beating a student and breaking his arm.
20 January 2010

Teachers Strike in Chengdu, a breakthrough in anti-HBV discrimination, and the ACFTU moves to strengthen SOE unions

In this podcast, William Nee and Geoff Crothall discuss a teachers strike in Chengdu, a breakthrough in anti-HBV discrimination legal work, and the ACFTU's recent moves to strengthen enterprise unions in SOEs.
13 November 2009

Chengdu teachers strike highlights problems for new education minister

Teachers at an elite private school in Sichuan’s provincial capital Chengdu have gone on strike demanding higher wages in line with their colleagues in the state system. The strike on 5 and 6 November, which affected around 1,000 students, was notable for the support the teachers at the Chengdu Foreign Languages School received, not only from the public, but from the students and parents as well.
10 November 2009

Report: corrupt officials in coal country intimidate petitioner’s family members

China National Radio has recently published an article, translated by Joel Martinsen at Danwei, that exposes another tactic that corrupt county officials will use to stifle dissent threatening their interests in coal mining operations: going after the employment status of petitioners’ family members.
21 July 2009

Hindustan Times: How toy factory sparked a riot

China Labour Bulletin appears in the following article. Copyright remains with the original publisher. 10 July 2009China’s worst riot in recent history that killed 156 this week in northwest Xinjiang, was sparked by a brawl between disgruntled workers in a toy factory many miles away in the southern export zone.
13 July 2009

SCMP: Education rights should be a priority

China Labour Bulletin appears in the following article. Copyright remains with the original publisher.Liz Heron Updated on Jun 12, 2009 Compulsory education, teachers' pay and addressing corruption should be top of the central government's agenda, according to a Hong Kong-based rights activist.
12 June 2009

Child labour remains a widespread and serious problem in China

Ten years after the adoption of the International Labour Organization’s Convention on the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour on 12 May 1999, there is little evidence that the Chinese government, which ratified the convention in 2002, is making a determined effort to tackle the problem.
11 June 2009

Shenyang hopes college students can fix ineffecient petitioning system

A Xinhua news article reports that students at Shenyang University can now choose major in “petitioning”. In a meeting with Shenyang Party Secretary Zeng Wei, the Shenyang Petitioning Bureau Chief Chen Guoqiang stated that the educational level of the petitioning bureau was low and that they were understaffed. Zeng then brought up the idea of setting up a petitioning major to help solve the problem. After doing a study on its feasibility, Shenyang University decided that it would be able to provide the major (under the law department), and that the university was indeed well positioned to take on such a task - since it could offer courses in law, economics, sociology and other related fields. The university also stated that it was committed to providing the type of talent and expertise necessary to meet society’s current needs.
08 June 2009

Keeping the Flame Alive

On the 20th anniversary of the crushing of the pro-democracy movement in Beijing, CLB Director, Han Dongfang, expresses the hope that China’s current generation of civil rights defenders can realize the dreams of the Tiananmen Square protesters, but without further bloodshed. Photo by Chamarisk.
03 June 2009
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