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Strikes and worker protests continue throughout February

Workers across China continued to stage strikes and protests at low wages, increased costs, management takeovers and relocations after traditional New Year holiday at the end of January. China Labour Bulletin logged 27 media reports of strikes and protests in February, the vast majority in the industrial/manufacturing and transport sectors. Photograph: Hanzhong Steel strike 14 February 2012.
05 March 2012

Recent blogs and reports on Apple

New research goes beyond the New York Times to show just how disturbing labor conditions at Foxconn, the "Chinese hell factory," really are.
10 February 2012


China Labour Bulletin is just one of many groups helping to promote and defend the rights of workers in China. In this section we provide (English-language) links to a number of labour rights groups, trade unions and human rights organizations, as well as a list of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts that provide valuable news updates and insights into the lives of ordinary people in China. Similar Chinese language resources can be found on our Chinese language website Labour organizations focusing on China
09 January 2012

News reports on recent labour unrest

China's manufacturing heartland has been hit by large-scale strikes in recent weeks, as an increasingly demanding workforce faces off with employers struggling with high costs and falling exports.
28 November 2011

Migrant children made to feel out of place in Beijing’s schools

Following the closure of 24 migrant schools in Beijing earlier this year, many parents had no option but to send their children back to their hometowns. Those students who could find places in the public school system often had to endure discrimination and were made to feel inferior to their local classmates.
07 November 2011

Strike at Citizen Watch factory finally ends after agreement is reached

An eleven day strike at the Citizen Watch factory in Shenzhen has basically come to an end after an agreement was reached between the Japanese watch maker and the local government on 28 October, a worker at the factory told CLB.
28 October 2011

Reuters: Closure of migrant children schools in China sparks anguish

China has shut down 24 schools for the children of migrant workers in Beijing forcing more than 14,000 students to drop out, state media said, sparking anger among parents who say they face discrimination.
18 August 2011

China's community teachers: A historical debt still unpaid

An elderly community teacher talks to Han Dongfang about his attempts to get a just and decent pension for himself and his colleagues after the authorities basically abandoned them after decades of service. Photo Han Dongfang at Radio Free Asia
10 June 2011

International Herald Tribune: Liberate China's Workers

There is no legal right to strike in China, but there are strikes every day. Factory workers, hotel employees, teachers and taxi drivers regularly withdraw their labor and demand a better deal from their employer. Strikes are often successful, and these days strike leaders hardly ever get put in prison.
07 April 2011

Shenzhen kindergarten teachers strike for payment of wage arrears

More than 20 teachers at a Shenzhen kindergarten went out on strike on 24 March to demand payment of their previous month’s wages. The teachers were all on the Shenzhen minimum wage of just 1,100 yuan, the Shenzhen Commercial Daily (深圳商报) reported.
29 March 2011
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