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China’s public institutions a “discrimination disaster zone”

The vast majority of China’s public institutions (事业单位) blatantly discriminate against job applicants from outside their local area, the Legal Daily reported today.
29 May 2013

SCMP: Guangzhou may reverse ban on people with sexually-transmitted diseases from teaching

Guangzhou education authorities may reverse a policy which bars HIV carriers and people with sexually- transmitted diseases from teaching - a first for a country which has traditionally had a tough approach towards workers sufferering from these diseases.
29 May 2013

AFP: China province to abolish 'discriminatory' teacher HIV tests: report

A Chinese province is likely to abolish mandatory HIV tests for teachers, state media said Tuesday, making it the first region on the mainland to eliminate the measures long-branded as discriminatory.
29 May 2013

Strikes and worker protests in China’s service sector on the increase

More than half the strikes and worker protests recorded by CLB last month occurred in the service sector, with protests by transport workers being particularly prevalent. A total of 45 protests were recorded on CLB’s strike map in April, about the same level as in March. There were 27 incidents in the service sector and 17 of those were in transport. Photograph of worker protest outside Yamada store in Jiangsu.
07 May 2013

China’s workers continue to demand higher pay

Despite a sharp drop in inflation last month, workers’ demands for higher pay were still the biggest single cause of the 50 strikes and protests recorded on CLB’s strike map in March. Photograph by W PeacePlusOne available at flickr.com under a creative commons licence.
09 April 2013

Dissent Magazine: Chinese Workers Foxconned

The suicide nets are still there. Foxconn, the giant electronics manufacturing subcontractor, installed them in 2010, a year when fourteen workers died after jumping from the ledges and windows of crowded dormitories. In addition to the wide mesh nets, stretched low over the streets of Foxconn’s company towns, the corporation has twenty-four-hour “care centers,” “no suicide agreements,” and a psychological test to screen out potentially suicidal workers, charged to the job applicant. It has raised wages significantly, but only in the face of runaway inflation, steep hikes in the minimum wage, and mounting worker unrest. Media attention and pressure from Apple, one of its main customers, backed up by a program of regular factory audits, seem to be driving incremental improvements in working conditions.
03 April 2013

National Times: Worker strikes in China 'too common to suppress'

Chinese workers are now launching too many strikes and protests for authorities to suppress, according to a union dissident visiting Australia.
21 February 2013

China sees upsurge in worker protests prior to Lunar New Year

There was a significant increase in the number of worker protests in China during the run-up to the Lunar New Year, with factory workers seeking pay increases and untold numbers of labourers demanding wage arrears. Photograph of strike at Beijing Foxconn from Sina Weibo.
08 February 2013

Education pay reform triggers teachers’ strikes across China

Attempts by local governments in China to change the way high school teachers are paid have resulted in an upsurge in strikes and protests by teachers over the last two months. In January alone, CLB has recorded at least ten strikes and protests by teachers across the country. Photograph of Hefeng School in Zhuhai, Guangdong.
28 January 2013

As economy picks up China’s workers start to demand higher wages

After two months dominated by wage arrears cases, worker protests in China are featuring demands for higher pay again as the economy begins to improve and the cost of living increases. China Labour Bulletin recorded 45 collective protests on our strike map in December, including 16 wage arrears protests and nine demands for pay increases. Photo of strike at Shenzhen toy factory from Weibo..
11 January 2013
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