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Wall Street Journal: Labor Pains: A Rising Threat to Stability in China

Chinese authorities greeted the 25th anniversary of the 1989 crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square by detaining dozens of activists and lawyers, proving that Beijing continues to be haunted by the specter of those protests a quarter century after they ended. But another, less eye-catching series of detentions and convictions highlights a separate source of concern for the central government: swelling dissatisfaction among workers.
11 June 2014

Teachers strike in rural Henan enters tenth day

Around 1,000 teachers from Wuyang county in rural Henan have been on strike since 8 April in a dispute over low pay and wage arrears.
17 April 2014

Worker protests in China surge after Lunar New Year

There has been a noticeable surge in the number of strikes and worker protests in China since the Lunar New Year Holiday in early February. China Labour Bulletin recorded 119 incidents on our strike map in March alone. Overall, there were 202 incidents in the first quarter of 2014, up 31 percent compared with same period last year.
10 April 2014

Open Democracy: Striking behaviour. Chinese workers discover a weapon against labour-market turmoil

In theory, workers in China are promised security through official trade union representation and the rule of the Communist Party. In practice, confronted with the endless churning of a globalised labour market, they are increasingly voting with their feet.
31 March 2014

In These Times: China’s Militant Workers Embrace Collective Action

China is the big business story of the 21st century, but is it also the big labor story?
27 February 2014

Business Week: Behind China's Labor Unrest: Factory Workers and Taxi Drivers

What’s the state of dissent among China’s hundreds of millions of workers? They are increasingly aware of and demanding their rights, according to a new report by the China Labor Bulletin.
21 February 2014

Searching for the Union: The workers’ movement in China 2011-13

CLB’s latest research report on the workers’ movement examines the relationship between workers, the trade union, civil society and the government during a period of rapid socio-economic change  
20 February 2014

Searching for the Union: The workers’ movement in China 2011-13

China’s workers have emerged over the last few years as a strong, unified and increasingly active collective force. Workers have time and again demonstrated the will and the ability to stand up to abusive and arrogant managements and to demand better pay and working conditions.
20 February 2014

Al Jazeera: Chinese students pressured to produce PlayStation 4: Reports

1,000 students faced with decision to manufacture Sony's popular video game console or not graduate
11 October 2013

The Guardian: Baby 59 case highlights shortcomings of child protection system in China

Many Chinese children are pampered, but the baby rescued from a pipe and a spate of stories of abuse have raised concerns
01 June 2013
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