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Teachers’ strikes escalate across China

There have been at least 30 strikes and protests by teachers in China over the last three months, predominately over low pay, social security and wages in arrears. Most of the protests occurred in smaller provincial cities and poorer inland areas of China.
01 December 2014

Financial Times: China teacher strikes hit three more cities

Teacher strikes have spread to three more cities in China’s slowest growing province this week, reflecting increasing concern among public sector workers over low salaries and pension payments.  
29 November 2014

ChinaFile: No Women Need Apply

Chinese Women Fight to End Workplace Discrimination
10 November 2014

How a simple labour dispute descended into a nightmare of black jails and labour camps

Han Dongfang talks to a teacher from Shaoxing whose contract dispute with her employer spiralled out of control.
20 October 2014

Equal Times:The rise of China's workers movement

In early September, about 16,000 workers at two Chinese factories producing touch-screens for well-known brands such as Apple went on strike after management reneged on a promise to pay a US$100 holiday bonus.
14 October 2014

Businessweek: Hong Kong Isn't the Only Protest Chinese Leaders Are Worried About

In a city in southern China, a dispute between citizens and the government turned ugly in late September. According to the People’s Daily newspaper, residents were incensed by plans to expand a garbage dump and by the compensation the authorities offered to people who had to move. After some stormed a government building, police arrested 26 protesters.
03 October 2014

SCMP: Q&A: Strikes peak in China with new generation of interconnected blue-collar workers

A record number of workers have gone on strike in China so far this year.
13 August 2014

SCMP: Student workers at Dongguan factory were under-age, state media claim

State media says 192 underage labourers were given fake papers for jobs at Dongguan plant
09 July 2014

Washington Post: When dollars trump democracy in China

That was quite the demonstration by the citizens of Hong Kong on Tuesday — half a million protesters, by some estimates, braving tropical downpours to tell the Politburo in Beijing that they wanted to choose their own leaders.
04 July 2014

Easing of restrictions on national college entrance exam not enough for “migrant” Zhou Shasha

It is supposed to be getting easier for the children of migrant workers to take the national college entrance examination. Try telling that to 19-year-old Zhou Shasha.
13 June 2014
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