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Teachers in China: Increasing protests and lack of basic rights

The lack of investment and the failure of the central authorities to invest in rural schools have increasingly led to the failure of many townships to be unable to pay wages or other benefits. In ways similar to the millions of other Chinese workers affected by the recent economic reforms, teachers have been facing decreasing wages, increased work hours, decreasing medical and insurance benefits and in any cases the denial of stable work contracts.
25 November 2003

Education in China: A short introduction

Despite many ongoing improvements to the education system in China, for many children, standards of education in China have been falling in the past decade or so since the start of the economic reforms. The numbers of children receiving adequate education are dropping with the exclusion of an every growing number of them. Drop out rates also appear to be on the increase and there has been a corresponding rise in child labour. This lack of decent education corresponds to the increasing number of child workers and both issues need to be addressed.
25 November 2003

1,300 Suizhou schoolteachers launch protests against unequal wages

Broadcast on 5 November 2003
05 November 2003

China Labour E-Bulletin Issue No. 15 (2003-09-12)

In this Issue: 1. Editor's Note ******************************************************************************* Editor's Note In this Issue:1. Editor's Note 2. Overview of Occupational Safety Laws 3. Firework industry 4. Coal Mines 5. Heat wave kills some 30 migrant workers – union claims the deaths are not “union business”
12 September 2003

Catalogue of human deaths in China’s firework factories

In the space of only one week - from 28 July to 4 August 2003 - there were four reported explosions in fireworks factories in various parts of China leading to the death of at least 31 people.
11 September 2003

Some 200 Private Schoolteachers in Suizhou urge Government to pay severance allowance

[Broadcast on 23 June 2003]On June 23, a caller from Suizhou, Hubei Province told us that about 200 private schoolteachers gathered at the entrance of the city government offices, demanding the payment of severance allowances promised to them by the government when it laid off teachers last year. An official from the Suizhou city government confirmed that the leadership from both the city and the provincial governments have come to the scene to negotiate with the teacher’s representatives:
15 July 2003

ICFTU: 2003 Survey - Asia: harsh and violent anti-union behaviour

10 June 2003Extracts from the ICFTU Global Survey
10 June 2003

American Federation of teachers adopts a resolution on China

On 27 January 2003 the American Federation of Teachers adopted a resolution on China concerning the ongoing suppression of workers’ demands for freedom of association.Full text followsAFT RESOLUTION ON DEMOCRACY AND TRADE UNION RIGHTS IN CHINA AND HONG KONG
21 February 2003

International trade union community says NO to Article 23

Joint Press Release China Labour Bulletin Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions 2003-01-16
16 January 2003
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