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China Labour Bulletin Weekly Roundup No. 12 (2006-06-23)

Labour News Industrial accidents Sixteen killed in chemical plant explosion A total of 16 people died after an explosion at a chemical plant in Anhui province, with another 24 workers being treated in hospital for injuries. [Read More]
23 June 2006

Retired Yunnan teachers fight for equal pension treatment

[Broadcast on 10 May 2006]On 10 May, more than 700 former teachers of a kindergarten of a state-owned enterprise staged a peaceful sit-in in front of the provincial government offices, demanding the government award them pension payments on the same scale that used for retired teachers from the primary and secondary schools as well as retired civil servants, in accordance with the Teachers' Law. On the afternoon of 10 May, one of the retired teachers, speaking from the demonstration, described the situation.
23 June 2006

Survey Report on Child Labour in China

Child labour has long been a problem in China. In recent years, the use of child labour has risen due to the labour shortage in areas along China's eastern coast. Most child workers are employed by . . .
30 May 2006

Over 700 retired kindergarten teachers protest to demand for better pensions

More than 700 former teachers of state-run kindergartens in Yunnan staged a sit-in protest in front of the provincial government building on 10 May, demanding pension payments on a par with primary . . .
11 May 2006

Bloomberg: China's Lawmakers Consider Plans to Ease Rural Ire Over Wealth

China Labour Bulletin appears in the following article. Copyright remains with the original publishers.China's Lawmakers Consider Plans to Ease Rural Ire Over Wealth. . .
03 March 2006

China Labour Bulletin E-Bulletin No. 25 (2005-06-10):

Shedding Light on China's Child Labour Problem
10 June 2005

A first-person account of life as an underage jewellery worker

Editors note: Guangdong Province's Haifeng County is known as the jewellery production centre of China. There, approximately 50,000 tons of semi-precious stones are produced annually. This figure represents around seventy percent of global semi-precious stone production. Most facilities throughout the region employ migrant labour, and child labour is prevalent. Larger factories actually employ recruiters who travel to small villages in other provinces in search of fresh workers. Fees to these recruiters are paid on a per-worker basis, and age is generally not a consideration.
10 June 2005

An Investigation into the Phenomenon of Rural Children

Undertaken by the Child Flower Sellers Research Team While the image of ragged children selling flowers on city streets may seem to belong to a bygone era, this report on China's urban flower-selling children was completed in the 21st century. Despite rapid economic advancement in China, the phenomenon of child labour continues to worsen, and as investigation into the plight of urban flower-selling children provides insight into the problem of child labour as a whole, the purpose of this report is to examine the causes behind the growth of this trade.
10 June 2005
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