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Australian Financial Review: Why China is aiming for 'low' growth rate of 7 per cent that other countries would kill for

Premier Li Keqiang is expected to announce this year's target for growth in gross domestic product of "around 7 percent" when he gives his work report - China's version of the State of the Union - to launch the National People's Congress on Thursday morning local time.
05 March 2015

Wall Street Journal: A Shot at Solving China’s Angry Worker Problem

Labor unrest is on the rise in China and likely to increase as the leadership grapples with a dangerous combination of an economic slowdown and the lack of effective institutions to cope with worker unrest.
26 February 2015

The need for a functioning social security system in China is now more pressing than ever

The Chinese economy grew by just 7.4 percent last year, its lowest level since 1990, and there is little sign the economy will improve in the near future. It is during times of economic hardship like this that the need for an effective and beneficial social security system becomes ever more apparent. In China, however, it is obvious that the system is not working.
12 February 2015

RFA: Strikes on The Rise in China Ahead of Lunar New Year Holiday

Chinese workers have staged hundreds of strikes in recent months, many of them over unpaid wages ahead of the Chinese New Year holiday, according to a recent report.
09 February 2015

The Economist: Out brothers, out!

Guangdong province pioneers a new approach to keeping workers happy
30 January 2015

Businessweek: The Fury of the Chinese Cabbie

The city of Nanchang, site of the first major battle between Communist forces and the Kuomintang in 1927, has recently been in the news for a different kind of insurgent: the taxi driver. Underpaid and overworked, more than 500 of them went on strike on Jan. 13, attempting to drive in a convoy to the provincial government office before being stopped by police.
23 January 2015

Wages and benefits for public sector workers said to increase after pension reform

Just five days after the Chinese government announced ground-breaking reforms to the country’s pension system, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has stated that both wages and pensions for public sector employees will go up in order to compensate for any losses caused by the reform plan.
20 January 2015

Teachers in China are prepared to take a stand against pension reform

The massive wave of teachers’ strikes in the north-eastern province of Heilongjiang at the end of last year may have been just the beginning. The Heilongjiang teachers were unhappy with low pay and long working hours, but their key demand was the abolition of a policy that required them to pay their own pension contributions.
14 January 2015

Quartz: Newly empowered Chinese factory workers are striking and protesting in record numbers

Last year, Chinese construction workers, miners, teachers, truck drivers, and factory workers went on strike or protested at least 1,378 times, according to new data from the Hong Kong-based China Labour Bulletin.
10 January 2015

Strikes and worker protests continue to surge across China in fourth quarter

Construction workers, teachers and miners joined factory workers in a wave of strikes and protests across China in the final quarter of 2014. CLB’s Strike Map recorded 569 incidents during the fourth quarter, more than three times the number in the same period in 2013.
07 January 2015
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