Food delivery workers

Food delivery workers

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China’s workers’ movement will continue despite crackdown on labour activists

China will mark May Day this year with around 50 labour activists in some form of detention. CLB reiterates its call for the release of all activists and an end to the crackdown.
30 April 2019

Food delivery workers in China strike over pay cuts and unfair work practices

There have been at least 15 strikes and protests by food delivery workers in China since 1 May as increased competition among delivery platforms has drastically reduced workers’ take-home pay.
05 June 2018

How food delivery riders in Shanghai got their own trade union

Shanghai has set up China’s first trade union for food delivery workers. An important initiative to counter precarious work in an increasingly informal service economy 
25 January 2018

Fatal accident highlights intense pressures faced by China’s food-delivery workers

Food delivery drivers in China are poorly paid, have little or no job protection, and are under intense pressure to make deliveries in the shortest possible time. This inevitably leads to accidents.
06 December 2017

China’s food delivery workers take a stand

Drivers at each of China’s three major food delivery platforms - Waimai,, and Meituan – staged strikes and protests last month as pay and working conditions declined further
03 October 2017

Food delivery drivers call for strike highlights stagnating conditions in new economy

Express delivery drivers have tried moving to food delivery for better conditions, but poor conditions remain and strikes continue
24 March 2017

Painted into a corner: Factory worker left with nowhere to go after contracting anaemia

Han Dongfang talks to a factory employee badly poisoned at work but with little hope of getting occupational disease compensation.
25 March 2014

The Children of Migrant Workers in China

Table of Contents Part one: Those left behind   Part two: Under the same blue sky? Rural migrant children in urban China Part three: The government's response Left-behind children
08 May 2009

Those Left Behind

There are 110 million migrant workers in China aged between 16 and 40 years old.  They left home in the hope of building a better life for themselves and their family, yet when they start a family of their own, they are faced with a stark choice; either take their children to the cities and subject them to institutionalized discrimination, or leave them behind in the countryside in the uncertain care of relatives.
30 September 2008
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